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I am inspired by youth to work hard: Ganesh Joshi


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 11 Feb: A youth convention was organised, today, in Bakriyal village in support of BJP Mussoorie candidate Ganesh Joshi.
At the conference, Health Minister of Bihar Mangal Pandey and National Spokesperson Devendra Bagga were present to seek votes in his favour.
Joshi said that the tremendous zeal of the youth, their amazing power to take initiative and their fighting spirit to protect the interests of the people inspired him to work hard for the people of his constituency. “My work style has always been inspired by the youth,” Joshi claimed. He reminded the gathering that before joining politics, he was a soldier and his father, too, was one. Even now, he adopted that soldier’s discipline. He reminded, that as a public servant, he was ready to help people in distress even at 2 a.m.
Joshi claimed that, while his goal was public service, all that the Congress leaders and his political opponents did was to play petty politics. Opponents were crying for votes as they had not done any serious work in the past. He said that the people of Mussoorie had made up their mind to back the BJP.
The Health Minister of Bihar, Mangal Singh said that the enthusiasm of the youth had given Joshi the courage to hit the victorious boundary. He added that he knew Ganesh Joshi very well. He had the energy and enthusiasm of a 28-year-old youth, not a 58 year old, going by his work in Uttarakhand.
Present on this occasion were Vishnu Gupta, Mandal President Rajiv Gurung, Poonam Nautiyal, Sikander Singh, Yuva Morcha President Ajay Rana, Ankit Joshi, Sameer Doval, Sameer Pundir, Municipal Councillor Sundar Singh Kothal, Amit Bhatia, Neha Joshi from Yuva Morcha, Tajinder Bagga , Neha Sharma, Bhavna Choudhary, Surendra Rana, etc.