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ICAR-IISWC takes Integrity Pledge



Dehradun, 28 Oct: The ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation (ICAR-IISWC) swore an integrity pledge to be honest and vigilant with high standard of honesty at its main office in Dehradun, 8 other centres located in various states of the country and the Selaqui Research Farm, here, today. The Vigilance Awareness Week with the focus, “Integrity-A Way of Life”, began at the Institute with the integrity pledge taken by all the scientists, technical officers and the staff.
Dr PR Ojasvi, Director, ICAR-IISWC, administered the pledge to all the scientists and staff of the Institute. He requested all the staff and scientists to actively participate in the Week’s activities and create far-reaching awareness on the vigilance and integrity and effective functioning through various ways and means.
The pledge reiterated that corruption has been one of the major obstacles to economic, political and social progress of the country, which needs to be strategically tackled and eradicated together by promoting vigilance and commitment to the highest standards of honesty and integrity by all stakeholders including Government, citizens and the private sector.
About 100 staff members and trainee-officers, senior-level scientists of the Institute including Dr/s PR Ojasvi, NK Sharma, Bankey Bihari, Charan Singh, SS Srimali, Debashis Mandal, JMS Tomar, Rajesh Kausal, Uma Kant Maurya, Lekh Chand, S Patra, U Mandal and Saswat Kumar besides senior-level Technical Officers including Dr Sangeeta N Sharma, SK Sinha, Anil Chauhan, Pramod Garg, KR Joshi and Amit Chauhan took the pledge.
Dr M Muruganandam, Principal Scientist and Vigilance Officer, ICAR-IISWC is coordinating the week-long vigilance awareness programme, which includes the administration of integrity pledge, special seminars and press articles to bring in far-reaching awareness and impact on the focus of vigilance and integrity. Special seminars are being organised at the Institute on 31 October and 2 November as part of the Vigilance Awareness Week.
Scientists and professionals from various organisations including ONGC, WII, and NCGG, ICAR-ISWC and other academic and research organisations from Dehradun and nearby areas will be sharing the knowledge on manifestation of corruption and loss of integrity, dimensions of corruption and its ill-effects, means of empowering the staff and organisation to implement effective functional systems, vigilance-in administrative dealings and as a matter of everybody’s responsibility, current updates on conduct rules, good governance and inculcating resolutions beyond vigilance and integrity during the special seminars.
The seminars are open to all those who are interested in bringing out good governance and vigilance and providing effective public goods and services to the citizens of the country and the world. The special seminar presentations and discussions organised will be attended by about 150 scientists, scholars, faculty members, and researchers from different organisations and staff members and Officer-trainees of the IISWC.