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IIP opens labs for students



DEHRADUN, 6 Nov: The Department of Chemistry, Graphic Era Deemed University, has organised a two-day analytical workshop with Indian Institute of Petroleum for the first time in Uttarakhand. In the “Analytical Instrument Hands-on Training Workshop”, scientific participants will get a chance to train in a CSIR lab. In addition to the students of Graphic Era Deemed University, more than a hundred people got their registration done for the workshop from different places across the country, which includes Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Scientist from institutes of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Coimbatore. Apart from this, scientists and high officials of the country’s major institutions like ONGC, Indian Oil, IST, FRI and Lupine will share their experiences in this workshop. In this workshop, HPCL, VCMS, AAS, UV Visible, Infrared spectroscopy etc. will be taught as applicable to equipment. These devices are used in various fields of biology, chemistry and engineering where oil is useful in pharmaceutical and food technology. This workshop will be useful for chemist scientists, teachers and engineers in the future run.