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IMA holds End of Term Exhibition



DEHRADUN, 30 Nov: The End of Term Indoor Club Exhibition-cum-Competition was held at the Indian Military Academy, here, today. The Exhibition was inaugurated by the first lady of the Academy, Anita Jha, wife of Lt Gen SK Jha, IMA Commandant.

The corridors of the historic Chetwode Building were adorned with the most exquisite and beautiful exhibits of the Arts Club, Photography & Wildlife and Computer Club. The Arts Club cultivates and promotes creative arts skills among Gentlemen Cadets (GCs). This exhibition showcased Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal paintings along with pencil sketches.

The Photography and Wild Life Club, very popular amongst GCs and ACC Wing Cadets, exhibited a very innovative display of ‘Life Like Photographs’ with catchy captions and write-ups. The members of the Computer Club, abreast with the latest technology in the field of IT, prepared data updating modules for respective companies and automated the programming of academic classes for the Gentleman Cadets. These projects were undertaken to substitute the system of manual feeding and reduce operational and work handling time.