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Immature Politics


The attack by terrorists on a bus transporting pilgrims in Jammu’s Reasi that led to nine deaths, on the very day PM Modi and his Council of Ministers was sworn in, is a message sent across from the ISI-separatist network that it is resolved to pursue its goal to alienate the Union Territory from the national mainstream. Instead of responding appropriately by expressing national solidarity against terrorism, Congress party spokespersons played into the enemy’s hands by seeking to embarrass PM Modi for his claims on the improved conditions in J&K.

Should he not make these claims? Would it be more appropriate that he declare that the killing of innocents has the support of the Kashmiris? Is that what the Congress is implying? In fact, the results of the Lok Sabha elections there have shown that people not only have participated enthusiastically in the process, but also made the distinction between political opposition and separatism. Stalwarts of J&K politics, who have played both sides of the separatist game for a long time, have been rejected for their hypocrisy. The Union Government throughout has been resolute in what it seeks to bring about in J&K – a democratic system that is fair to all its citizens. A positive response of any kind from the majority community there can be declared an improvement in conditions. Continuing with the government’s policy, assembly elections will be held next to further the representative nature of governance.

Why does an incident like this become a cause for the opposition to vent its hatred for Modi? It’s like dislike for Kangana Ranaut’s views becoming the reason for justifying, as a ‘natural reaction’, the attack on her by a person in uniform. Should a leader of the Shiromani Akali Dal, of all people, take this position, thereby defending the logic behind Rajiv Gandhi’s ‘when a big tree falls, the ground will shake’ comment?

It is likely that the opposition is encouraged by the election results and believes its personal targeting of Modi brought about the diminished mandate for the BJP. However, should it not have the basic sense to distinguish between attacking Modi and speaking against the national interest? Is it their belief that the people of the country will accept such behaviour? There is a time and place for everything – it cannot just be about politics. Learn a lesson from Modi, who invited the President of Maldives to his oath-taking despite the rancour that has existed in the past year between their two countries. That’s statesmanship.