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In sync with the ethos of Litfest highlighting Doon and Uttarakhand


DEHRADUN, 24 Nov: Valley Of Words International Litfest got underway on 23rd. A lot of fresh writing by new authors gave wind to the sails of the Litfest which is redefining the way people are expressing themselves in the wide array of mediums. Today, in sync with the ethos of the Litfest highlighting Dehradun and Uttarakhand, Pradeep Singh’s second book, ” Sals of the Valley: A Memorial to Dehradun” was launched amongst a gathering of Doonites and out of town literature lovers. Pradeep has drawn deep from the labyrinth of old Doon lore to which he has been privy due to his connect with the Valley going back over three centuries, to the times his ancestors trekked through the treacherous passes of the Siwaliks and made the marshes and woodlands of Doon their home.
The stories that Pradeep has selected for this anthology are quintessential and the whif of Sal forests in spring, the monsoon torrents and the odour of freshly upturned earth by bullocks and ploughs is ever present in the pages. The famed Sal forests of the Valley are an ever present backdrop and the landscape . Though the book is in fiction category, Pradeep explained that the core of the stories are carrying truth as the events depicted are known to have occurred a hundred or more years ago. As the session progressed, moderated by the knowledgeable Sargam Mehra, it became more evident that the stories in terrain and time are united and offer a fascinating slice of the pastoral Dehradun which has not been explored in the writings of authors who have otherwise located their stories in the city and it’s suburbs. The audience too engaged in the conversation and with it more nuggets of Doon and it’s past were revealed.