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Increasing Danger


There has been a continuous civilisational meltdown in many parts of the world leading to catastrophic consequences for those living there. Much of this is happening unnoticed by the ordinary folk in countries that exist in ‘normal’ circumstances. This is because most of the countries thus afflicted have little ‘strategic’ importance for the economically and militarily powerful nations. Even the media does not provide proportionate coverage, first, because of the difficulties involved in doing so and, second, because there are much easier ways to attract advertising, such as reporting on the life of celebrities.

But, like cancer, these patches of disintegrating humanity are metastasising and encroaching upon the essential organs that are keeping the world community going. Small tribes and factions are wreaking havoc, with the help of arms provided by unscrupulous companies and nations, in countries around the world. With this, the threat of large scale barbarism has descended in India’s neighbourhood. Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Al Shabaab and many others are fanatical organisations that care little for human rights and the Geneva Conventions. Unfortunately, these tactics, backed by other-world ideologies, have succeeded in holding off the world’s great military powers.

This explains in our own times the mystery of how single minded barbarians managed to demolish great and prosperous civilisations of the past to the point where some ‘historians’ even question, today, whether these ever existed. Such conquests were halted only when they were met by equally psychopathic opponents, next generation technologies, or more spiritually powerful people, but the process took many centuries.

At a time when the ‘free’ world is filled with self-doubt and self-destructive negativism, even common sense solutions are not recognised because of the need to be politically correct. Owing to the increasing isolation of the individual psyche, much is being taken for granted – that if one ‘hides away’ from reality, things will automatically sort themselves out. Unfortunately, such ‘automated’ systems are not so well-established as of now and will, anyway, involve loss of autonomy no less harmful than submission to the tribal dispensation that approaches. It will require strong civilisational confidence, scientific and technological advancement, and a developed martial spirit to counter the emerging threat. The ‘free world’ must unite for this cause.