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Inder Arora releases debut e-book, “From Chaos to Rose”



DEHRADUN, 2 Jul: “From Chaos to Rose” is an e-book written by Inder Arora. This is a motivational book on the concept: greater the obstacle; greater the opportunity of growth in life. It’s a wakeup call for those who most often say – ‘Times are bad!’
He decided to complete the book during the lockdown when almost the entire globe is obsessed with the negativity induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays, the most negative word is “Positive”.
The book describes how a self-motivated person efficiently deals with the ordeals of life and comes out with the outcome – “Don’t quit till the last breath of your life as life can start anytime, anyhow and anywhere.” ‘Suicide closes the doors of paradise.’ How one right decision at the right time affects and changes the whole life! Readers will become familiar with the power of determination and motivation. How a self-motivated, determined person can: turn pain into infinite source of gain; turn crises into rises; fetch Rose from utter Chaos; snatch (diamond) ring from suffering.
Many more extremely motivating, inspirational tips and experiences would prove worth reading.