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INDI Alliance trying to undermine NDA win: Mahendra Bhatt


By Our Staff Reporter

By Dehradun 5 Jun: BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt today accused the Congress led INDI Alliance of trying hard to undermine the victory of the BJP led NDA Alliance in the Parliamentary Elections. Bhatt claimed that those whose alliance scored less seats than the seats won by the BJP alone are trying to portray the narrative that BJP had lost the elections.

Bhatt was speaking informally with the media persons at the BJP State Headquarters today. He said that BJP rightly claims to be a party with a difference, and it analyses the performance of the party in a transparent manner even in victory. But the Opposition does not want to learn any lessons even in the face of a defeat. He said that PM Narendra Modi’s praise for the party workers for their contribution of 5 seats of the state in the victory of the NDA will act as a major morale booster for the party workers.

Bhatt said that under the leadership of Modi, the NDA has made a historic record of victory for the third time in a row. In the state, the party has won all the five seats with a record margin under the guidance of PM Modi and the leadership of Chief Minister Dhami. The BJP is a cadre-based party that is constantly active and works tirelessly without stopping. Therefore, despite the victory, the results of these elections will be analysed soon.

He said that those who could not equal the seats of the BJP alone even as an alliance need to look within themselves. Especially the local Congress, which is happy with the results of the neighbouring states and not bothered about the bad defeat at home. He quipped that while the BJP analyses and introspects even after victory, the Opposition is not ready to learn a lesson even from defeat.

Responding to questions being asked about the target of crossing 400, Bhatt said that in the last Lok Sabha, the NDA was at 350 seats, so a bigger target was given. He reminded that this time, too, NDA has been given a full majority for the third time in a row, in which the five seats of Uttarakhand have contributed significantly. It is a matter of great pride for all the party leaders in Uttarakhand that Prime Minister Modi has thanked the voters of Devbhoomi and praised the workers in his address yesterday.

Regarding the civic elections, he claimed that the organisation is fully prepared. Soon, with the help of the civic cell of the party, a committee of three persons, each, for every civic body will tour the areas concerned. This committee will prepare a panel of potential candidates after discussing with the local leadership and senior party workers. On the basis of the survey conducted among the common people and all the technical aspects, the State Parliamentary Board of the party will select the candidates.