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India will become Vishwaguru through spiritual awakening: Satpal Maharaj


By Our Staff Reporter

Haridwar, 14 Apr: Addressing a large number of devotees from across the country and abroad on the last day of the three-day Sadbhavna Sammelan held at Rishikul College Ground under the aegis of Manav Utthan Seva Samiti, on Thursday, Cabinet Minister Satpal Maharaj said that a person who listens to satsang, does spiritual practice and service after initiation into self-knowledge, only then is there spiritual awakening. Such spiritual awakening across India would give the message of spirituality to the world and India would become Vishwaguru.
Satpal Maharaj added that the saints and mahatmas had mentioned 4 stages of spirituality in the scriptures. Every living being in the world is awake, dreaming, sleeping and ‘turiya’. In the first three states, he keeps on seeing the things of the world. God is not witnessed in those states. One in the state of Samadhi does not care about the world and becomes attached to the true nature of the Lord.

Maharaj said that, on getting absorbed in the Lord while chanting the True Name, one does not drown in the ocean of the world. One is not born or dies, one is freed forever.
He advised to chant the name of the Lord. One who is a devotee, a seeker, believes in the knowledge of the Guru. One purifies the entire environment by chanting the name of the Lord. With this, the negative destructive thinking gradually ends.
Special guests from Kathmandu participated in the Sadbhavna Conference and also presented a letter of felicitation to Satpal Maharaj. These included Dr Milan Kumar Thapa of Nepal, Member Secretary, Pashupati Area Development Fund, Ramesh Raj Shivkoti, Senior Council Member, Pashupati Area Development Fund, and Philing Tamang.
Former minister Amrita Rawat, Vibhu Maharaj also addressed the devotees at the conference. The stage was conducted by Mahatma Hari Santoshanand.