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India “will” win the Corona War



Indians have a very strong immunity. We are going to survive and come out a winner as a nation, at all costs, in this #Coronapandemic and won’t suffer like China, US, Italy, Korea, Spain or Japan… This is my very simple reasoning. Why?

1. Eighty percent of our population eat out at various road side places and we all know the standards of that cooking, hygiene, sanitation, cleaning, etc. … We don’t need to go into the details at all. So our stomachs are lined and toned that way to take “that” quality of food very well.

2. Eighty percent of the population drinks water served in glasses from wherever, God knows how they are cleaned, where the water comes from, and 30 percent or more still drink water from any tap available. (I don’t want to call them this or demean them at all, but that’s what they are called, “so forgive me please”: the Labour Class – ‘THE’ sturdies class of our country, their stomach is made of IRON). They sleep, eat, drink what’s available after a hard day’s labour and can’t comprehend ‘normal’ hygeine at all. The normal water we rinse our mouth with, I don’t need to say, if the westerners drink that, even one sip, God forbid, they will get cholera.

3. Eighty percent of our population still do Namaste and touch feet across the entire length and breadth of the country. Only some among the middle class have started hugging and kissing while greeting each other. The young generation in the urban cities have a ‘yo bro’ and shaking hands habit. So, totally, the upper class greets each other with pecks on the cheek, hugging, etc., etc. So, 80% maintain distance still and only 20% greet in this manner.

4. Fifty percent of the population still follow all kitchen remedies on a day to day basis of having tulsi, haldi, ginger, kali mirch, desi ghee and a long list, even if a person has one sneeze. Yoga and Ayurveda stand strongly with us in many households across the nation.

5. Fifty percent of our population is vegetarian and the other 50 percent who are non- vegetarians mostly eat Indian style of non-vegetarian dishes more, which are tandoori, curry based, grilled properly, etc., etc. Very few eat the processed non- vegetarian stuff (available only in big cities), so it’s cooked well or is fresh.

Just on these 5 points, it’s totally my firm belief that we will survive and come out winners very strongly from of this #Corona scare because our immunity is “already” very strong.

Disclaimer: These are totally and totally my thoughts. I may be wrong. The percentage may also vary.

Also, even after all this, we all need to do “Social Distancing” and follow all precautions enforced by the government, in these unprecedented times for the world.