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Indian devotees of Osho counter OIF claims


By Our Staff Reporter
Mumbai, 11 Jul: A delegation of Indian disciples of Osho again called on Governor of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, and in a letter submitted to him, countered claims made by Mukesh Sarda, a current trustee of Osho International Foundation, through an open letter written by him on behalf of the entire management team. The open letter was addressed to Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari.
The devotees led by Kunika Arti Razdan and Yogesh Thakkar have countered certain claims made by Sarda. They have countered the claim allegedly made by Sarda that there was no Osho Samadhi in the Pune Ashram and have expressed shock regarding the claim. Acording to Razdan and Thakkar, such a claim established the intent of grave misconduct in denying the existence of their Guru’s Samadhi in the said property.
They further countered the claim again allegedly made by Sarda that Pune Ashram was not owned by the Zurich based International Foundation. Razdan and Thakkar asserted that Osho International Foundation India was a licensee of this Zurich based Foundation and, therefore, in effect this made the Indian entity directly controlled from Zurich.
They also claimed that Osho International Foundation India was a Charitable Trust but there was also another private company by the same name with Sarda and another current trustee as directors. Razdan and Thakkar have in their letter submitted to the Governor demanded an inquiry into the existence of this second entity and into the financial and legal connection between the two. They further urged the Governor to order an inquiry by the Enforcement Directorate and the CBI into the ownership and workings of Spatio Land Development Limited registered under the Companies Act 1956 (Certificate of Registration Numer 37184 dated 19th August 1985), which had Mukesh Sarda and Devendra Dewal, both trustees of Osho International Foundation as its directors on the board of directors of the company. They further alleged that this company was also audited by the same auditor as Osho International Foundation and that this company had received a loan from Osho International Foundation India which was invested in Poddar Mills Land in Central Mumbai. Razdan and Thakkar have also submitted copies of the documents to the Governor along with this letter for his reference.
Razdan and Thakkar have further alleged discrimination against Indian devotees of Osho for participation in programmes held at the Pune Ashram. They countered the claim made by OIF trustees that Indian participants were subsidised for participation and have claimed that Indian participants have to spend around Rs 45,000 for one month participation which does not include stay at the Ashram and they have to incur additional cost between Rs 45,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh for any meditation programme.
Razdan and Thakkar have also countered the claim that Pune Ashram is spread over 28 acres and they mention that the claim made by Sarda included 12 acres of Nullah Park actually owned by Pune Municipal Corporation and they have expressed surprise that the trustees were “openly lying” about this fact too. Osho devotees further claim that all of the revenue earned at Pune Ashram goes directly to Osho International Foundation, Zurich and question that, if this is not true, how can the trustees claim a financial crisis and therefore try to sell land of the Ashram.