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Indian Oil sponsors Army’s ‘Nation First’ Bikers’ Rally to U’khand


By Our Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 2 Nov: Indian Oil has sponsored the Indian Army’s thrilling Bikers’ Rally expedition to the picturesque hilly areas of Uttarkhand, united under the theme “Nation First”. This joint initiative, championed by both Indian Oil and the Indian Army, serves as a testament to their commitment to the nation.

The bikers’ rally, a journey through the challenging terrains of Uttarakhand, symbolises the undying spirit of these adventurers who ride for a cause greater than themselves. The “Nation First” theme reflects their unwavering dedication to the country’s well-being. In organising this bike rally for Indian Army officials, Indian Oil has further reinforced its pledge to support and honour the heroes who protect the borders.

This event involves not just physical endurance but commemorates the undying spirit of the Indian Army and celebrates the true essence of being “Always First” in serving the Nation.

What makes this expedition even more special is its dedication to promoting various government initiatives. The riders are actively championing the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, contributing to the nation’s cleanliness and hygiene goals. They are also encouraging young and passionate individuals to consider joining the Indian Army, inspiring the next generation of defenders.

Additionally, the expedition sheds light on the Agnipath scheme, emphasising the importance of building a brighter and secure future for all Indians.

Indian Oil’s sponsorship goes beyond just a financial contribution. They are ensuring the bikers have the fuel they need for their journey, supplying the XP95 with around 2,000 litres, distributed across 5 different retail outlets in the hilly region. This support is essential for the bikers to navigate the challenging terrain and fulfill their mission of promoting the cause of “Nation First”.