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India’s G20 Presidency


By Lt General Gurmit Singh,


Governor of Uttarakhand


As India takes the global stage with the G20 Presidency, the first South East Asian country to do so, it finds a unique opportunity to further strengthen its role in the world economy.

Its presidency lies in the troika of Indonesia and Brazil, earmarking three consecutive presidencies from the Global South. This further enhances our ideals and enables us to put forth the hindrances in our development for remedial solutions. India is scripting a new chapter by steering away from the ‘Protocol driven G20 to a People’s G20.’ And this bridge of solidarity is one that aims to bind an increasingly fragmented world into ‘One Earth, One Family and One Future’.

The fervour of Amritkaal is high amongst our countrymen. All our sights are focussed on the India that will be, at its Centenary. Caught in the aftermath of the Covid 19 Pandemic, dealing with climatic changes and geopolitics, India remains steadfast in its pursuit of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. It is accelerating towards an ambitious, people-centric agenda, to address global challenges and emerge a leader for sustainable economic development. Our vision for the G20 encapsulates hope, healing and harmony to deal with pressing global challenges.

The G20 presidency is a massive undertaking, and in order to successfully deliver its intended potential, the Indian government has upgraded its intellectual, administrative, infrastructural and social capital. It has strengthened the bureaucratic decision-making processes and compiled a list of achievements to fulfill for the year.

As President, India aims to host over 200 meetings covering more than 30 workstreams and will work alongside the Finance Track as well as the Sherpa Track. It will partake in substantive deliberations across priority areas that revolve around inclusive and sustainable growth; accelerating achievement of the SDGs; green development and LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment); public digital infrastructure; reforms of multilateral financial institutions; and international peace and harmony.

As one of India’s most literate states, Uttarakhand will host three G20 summits between March – June 2023, including the Grand Curtain raiser event at Ramnagar. The Chief Science Advisor Roundtable is slated to begin with one of its core objectives of NET ZERO, which will contemplate over greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. In fields of science and technology, Uttarakhand is home to many Central institutions like ARIES, IIT Roorkee, IIP and ONGC. We boast of magnificent forest reserves like Rajaji and Corbett. To further that, our international level Institutions like FRI, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, G20 (Group of 20) Summit India and Wildlife Institute of India are premier custodians of forest conservation and bio-diversity. And our feather in the cap is the GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, the harbinger of the New Green Revolution.

The other two summits will entail discussions pertaining to anti-corruption, implementation of advanced technology and infrastructure and will have delegates from across the member countries attending. For our state, having the events offers an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our strengths in yoga, in organic farming and in the field of naturopathy and Ayurveda. To quote Honourable Prime Minister Modiji, “…The third decade of the 21st Century belongs to Uttarakhand….” – I have no doubt in my mind that in the purview of these events, Uttarakhand shall shine through and reach the global stage for our spiritual and natural beauty. Devbhoomi is the land of the Gods. Our wellness, tourism and religious destinations offer a unique and diverse destination for all. In the spirit of ONE, I can proudly ascertain that there is something in Uttarakhand FOR ONE AND FOR ALL. And the G20 summits will enable us to reach our individual goal as a state, and a larger collective goal, as a Nation.

India’s celebration of its G20 Presidency can be witnessed across the peninsula. It is a demonstration of its emerging soft power, as it showcases the country’s escalating influence and reputation on the global stage. Our G20 Presidential year is expected to aid India in its image-enhancement exercise, explore new partners, and reinforce international relations.

The platform is slated to be a mirror of India’s independent foreign policy driven by its increasing economic might.

It is time to stand tall and witness the revolution that is INDIA!

Jai Hind!