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India’s leadership of G20 reflects its global clout: Dhami


By Our Staff Reporter

Roorkee, 2 Aug: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami participated in the “G-20 Impact Summit: Unsealing the Potential” programme organised in collaboration with Think India at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee on Wednesday.

He said that the chairmanship of G-20 is not a diplomatic opportunity for India, but more a responsibility, which is a measure of the world’s trust in the country. G-20 is a group of countries whose economic strength represents 85 percent of the world’s GDP and 75 percent of the world’s trade, includes two-thirds of the world’s population. Leading it is a matter of pride for in the golden age of independence.

The Chief Minister said that the theme of this year’s G-20 is ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’, which is based on the principle given to the world by Indian culture, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means the whole world is one family. Referring to the logo of G-20, the CM said that this logo of G-20 is not just a symbol but a message, an emotion, which is in our veins. It is a resolution, which is included in our thinking. He said that through the mantra of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, India has been living the spirit of universal brotherhood for centuries and this idea of ​​ ancient culture is reflected in the logo and theme. The lotus flower depicts India’s mythological heritage, its faith, intellectuality and represents India’s cultural heritage.

Highlighting the objectives of G-20, the CM said that its objective is to bring the world on a single platform while respecting diversity. He said that today people of the world have a keen curiosity to know and understand India. They are studying its cultural heritage, assessing the successes of the present and expressing unprecedented hopes for our future. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of all to go beyond these expectations and introduce the world to India’s capabilities, philosophy and social and intellectual strength.

Chief Minister Dhami said that he learned a lot in all three G-20 meetings. In the first meeting he got a chance to meet the great scientists of the world, while in the Infrastructure Working Group meeting, he learned how Japan had developed earthquake-resistant buildings, among other things. He said that under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Modi, today India is being established as a strong economy, a knowledge-based economy, prosperous democracy, a peacemaker on the global stage and a forerunner in the efforts of humanity.

Dhami added that today India has become the fifth economic power in the world under the able leadership of the Prime Minister. The whole world is looking at India as a prosperous, powerful and economically strong new perspective. Whether it is a matter of bringing back NRIs safely from the Russia-Ukraine war, or of providing vaccines to many countries of the world during the Corona period, today India is playing a leading role in every field.

He declared that under the leadership of the Prime Minister, India today is focusing on the development of infrastructure. Expressing gratitude, he said that the PM allowed Uttarakhand to organise three G-20 meetings and this important responsibility was well fulfilled.

“Through the three G-20 meetings, we gave the message of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ from the land of Gods,” declared. He said that when he met delegates from different countries in G-20 meetings and saw their love for India, those moments were unforgettable for him.

Mentioning IIT Roorkee, Dhami said that this institution has been making the country proud in the field of Indian education for 176 years and many students studying from here today are serving on many important posts in the country and abroad with their knowledge and skills.

He urged the students in the programme that there are many opportunities and challenges before them and they would surely get success in converting those into opportunities through hard work.

Director, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Prof KK Pant, Prof AH Upadhyay and Sarthak Pandya also addressed the “G-20 Impact Summit: Unsealing the Potential” programme and threw detailed light on it.

On this occasion, MLA Pradeep Batra, District Panchayat President Kiran Chaudhary, BJP District President Roorkee Shobharam Prajapati, District Magistrate Dhiraj Singh Garbyal, Senior Superintendent of Police Ajay Singh and officials were present.