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India’s Nero playing electoral flute, leaving Rome to burn: Rajiv Mehrishi


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 1 Mar: Expressing deep grief at the death of Indian student Naveen Kumar in Russian shelling in Ukraine, media in-charge of Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee, Rajiv Mehrishi termed the incident as a failure of the Indian government and said that the priority of the Prime Minister of India is the election campaign in Uttar Pradesh. This was despite Indian students being trapped in Ukraine, pleading for help to return home and being disappointed.
He claimed the recent incident is similar to that of Nero in Rome as Prime Minister Modi is giving importance to elections over trying to get his citizens safe from the war zone.
Mehrishi said that elections will keep coming and going, but saving the lives of the citizens of India who are in danger at this time should have been the priority of the government. But the Prime Minister is finding the power of Uttar Pradesh more important.
The Congress media in-charge said that there is still time for the government to focus on the safe return of Indian citizens trapped in Ukraine otherwise people will not delay in showing Nero his place when the time comes.
He said that elections are important in a democracy, but in the event of war, saving the lives of civilians is more important than elections. The videos that are coming out of Indian students trapped in Ukraine are very painful, but the Modi government at the Centre has not taken them seriously.
Rajiv Mehrishi also took a dig at the Dhami government in Uttarakhand and said that it is collecting the details of the students trapped in Ukraine from the districts, while all the details are available on the website of the Ministry of External Affairs. Such an incompetent government is not even entitled to a pardon as it lost an entire week in gathering details. He has demanded that the government focus on the safe return of its citizens, otherwise people will never forgive it.