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(Nominated in the category of English Fiction for the REC-VoW Book Awards, 2019)

Excerpts from the interview with Bijaya Kumar Mishra:

By Tanya Singh

You are a doctor, we well as an author! How did you find the time to write this book, and how long did it take you to write?
It’s true that as a doctor I devote the bulk of my time to my profession. However, as I am passionate about writing, I utilise my free time to make the characters of my book progress a bit every day. I make sure to write something every day. It took me around two years to write ‘Ineligible’
Ineligible inadvertently brings to light issues around marriage, and the importance of money and property over romance. What inspired you to write this love story between Saahil and Varsha?
Love is one of the greatest feelings on this earth. But love is not just about roses, gifts and kisses. It’s quite easy to fall in love. But the real challenge begins when you try to rise in love. ‘Ineligible’ is not just another regular love story of some lovey-dovey couple. It depicts the real challenges that one needs to face to achieve one’s love in today’s materialistic world. The book is not inspired from any particular person’s real life incident. In fact it’s a reflection of the lives of a lot of people who face the harsh reality of the materialistic world when they try to achieve their love.

What has been the most challenging aspect of publishing this book? And who are the people in your life who have supported you in this journey?

As this is my debut novel, I have also faced the same challenges that any debutant author comes across in the process of publishing the first book. However, thanks to Invincible Publishers, the book is finally in my readers’ hands. The whole crew of Invincible Publishers has really been very supportive throughout the publishing process. My family and friends have always stood beside me and encouraged me during the publishing journey.

Who are your favourite authors or books that have inspired you in the past? Our readers would love a list of recommended reads from you.
The list is endless. However, some of my favorites are ‘A Tiger at Twilight (Manoj Das), Train to Pakistan (Khushwant Singh), Great Expectations (Charles Dickens) and Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier).

When may your readers expect another novel from you? Is there anything that you are working on currently?
I am already working on my next novel which is a romantic thriller. If things go well, it will be in my readers’ hands in a year or so.

BIJAYA KUMAR MISHRA is a doctor and an author. Portrayal of unconventional characters and scenes makes his writings fresh to read. He has been felicitated by various organisations for his writings. He doesn’t usually let his ideas, characters and scenes get inspired from real life characters and incidents. He prefers to create a fictional world of completely imaginary characters. It gives him more freedom to experiment with his characters and makes the writing process more interesting. He is of the opinion that an author creates his characters, but the characters finally create the author. Apart from writing, he loves to read, and indulge in music and movies.

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