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Nitin Manchanda throws light on ‘healing touch’ of ‘medical astrology’


By Sunita Vijay

If we maintain a good gut, we can control our weight, our mood and long-term health. ‘Gut’ or the enteric nervous system is considered as our ‘second brain’. It consists of a mesh-like system of some 500 million neurons which govern the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Indirectly, the gut has the power to affect or influence our mood and health. The cardinal connection between our brain and gut defines our overall well-being. Many proverbs have undergone change but ‘Health is real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver’ remains an unchallenged notion for one and all.
Medical Astrology is a branch of Vedic Astrology that speaks in abundance about the planetary combinations governing our health and what kind of planetary alignment creates what kind of disease in the body. It also provides remedies as to how we can improve our health through the right diet that is both conducive to our constitution and specific to our birth chart.
Nitin Manchanda, a celebrity astrologer, and a regular columnist in ‘The Sunday Standard’, specialises in ‘Medical Astrology’. He has conducted independent research with hundreds of horoscopes before venturing into remedial dietary measures. For him, it is not only gems, mantras or daan punya but majorly eating the right food as per the stars, chakras and your horoscope that supports good health. ‘I call it Planet Foods. I work on three primal principles – horoscope, physical looks (that say a lot about one’s health) and the medical history. Astrology is a science and it has evolved over time. What worked in the past doesn’t work now. Before forming a particular dictum, I have researched hundreds of horoscopes where the commonalities in health issues are observed to reach a concrete conclusion. The remedies in the form of customised health plans are giving miraculous results.’
On being asked why he chose health as a core subject, he replies, ‘I noticed that apart from career and relationships, health is the primary concern among most people who seek help from me. My research pin-pointedly addresses medical issues. I find that most of the time we are not eating right or are ignorant of many crucial things related to food. For example, how many of us know that fat is not only fat. It may be trans-fat, saturated, polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fat. Just eliminating fat from our diet will not bring good health. I have worked hard to come up with a customised diet plan, as per the strength, conjunction, placement of planets in a chart aligned with MD /AD (Mahadasha/ Antardasha). The results are astonishing.’
He adds, ‘Ayurveda talks of three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Similarly, in astrology, we talk about ascendant (the rising zodiacal sign) with Fire, Earth, Air and Water as elements that define our bodily constitution and many other things. Keeping this in mind, I prepare a diet chart, what foods to eat and which to avoid. For this, I have collaborated with therapist nutritionist, Sakshi Lalwani. Sakshi takes a detailed note of the health parameters, diet and lifestyle along with my interpretations. Based on this, we prepare a wholesome diet that strengthens the planets that support in improving the health and curbs the existing health issues.’ Sakshi adds to this, ‘There may be a case where a person is required to eat white coloured food as remedy but his medical condition doesn’t permit him an intake of sugary or starchy food. As a therapist, I suggest healthy alternatives where the astrologer’s recommendation doesn’t hinder the core health issues as it strengthens the chakras.’
When Nitin is asked to elaborate more on his approach, he avers, ‘As a medical astrologer, I identify the health issue after analysing the chart. And the horoscope says it all. Why, what, how, where the problem is! After careful analysis, I recommend food backed by a scientific approach to repair and maintain optimum health. Fifty percent of the issues can be arrested by modified diet. And it’s not about eating some wonder food. It is what is already there in your kitchen. For example, afflicted Sun in a chart gives high BP. To bring it down, I may recommend black gram, black berries, black dates, Kaali Masoor daal, etc., basically the food governed by Saturn. Here the role of Sakshi is important. She makes a note of the brief health history of the person in question. Then, jointly, we prepare a diet chart as per the current Dasha. I quote another example, if a native is running Mer/Mars Dasha, and has nervous problem, I will reduce Mars-related food and increase the intake of mercury-symbolising food (green-coloured food) in the diet. In other cases, if Sun is strong, then Saturn food will be reduced. It is all based on Chakras, the seven planets. If the chakras are blocked or are not functioning well, medical astrology helps in improving the chakras by modifying one’s diet. By balancing the core elements that are ruled by various planets, we cure the person of various ailments.’
Nitin has come up with a skin-care diet that reduces wrinkles and stretches the facial skin. ‘Looking young is everyone’s aspiration. I am introducing a diet that gives results similar to botox treatment. I call it ‘natural botox’ and ‘fillers’.’ His confidence in the work comes from the positive feedback he is receiving from his clients. ‘The results are awesome once you know what you need to eat as per your chart. I offer money back guarantee for this,’ he claims. ‘Food as per birth chart improves the quality of skin drastically. It’s like eating the right food for your skin type in tandem with MD/AD and planets. It is a natural treatment with no invasive intervention of any kind.’
Nitin’s emphasis on ‘Trust your gut’ and maintaining a healthy diet is the Ram Baan to good health. Right food intake keeps the stomach in good health. Diseases like cancer, kidney failure, IBS, indigestion, BP, diabetics and many others can both be prevented and managed by eating the right food as per the stars in your chart.