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Investiture Ceremony held at St. Patrick’s Academy

DEHRADUN, 4 May: Carpediem, seize the moment, Patricians!
‘The quality of leaders is reflected in the standards they set for themselves’, and this is how the new council members marched into the auditorium of St. Patrick’s Academy on 4th May, as the drums rolled and the school choir sang: ‘The Leaders Marching On’. With determination in their hearts and stars in their eyes, the children looked confident and proud.
The programme began with the Ceremonial Lighting of the Lamp which was followed by an ethereal dance performance by the young girls of school, which filled the auditorium with serenity and peace. As the school choir further built up the atmosphere with their energetic rendition of, ‘When I lead’, it was time to take the ‘Oath’ by the new council members.
The Chief Guest of the Day, Brig. Subhash Chandra Panwar, was accompanied by Brother Joseph, the School Principal on the stage to administer the oath and pin the badges on the Head Boy, Agrim Arora and the Head Girl, Anushka Singh. This was followed by the School Reporters and the Prefects and Vice Prefects of the four Houses-Fintan, Fitzpatrick, Mc Mahon and Price taking the oath to discharge their duties with dedication and honesty.  Since the parents play significant roles in steering the children in right direction, they were asked to don their children with the House Bands. The joy and pride which etched on their faces spoke volumes about how they felt at the time when they stood tall with their children, the School Principal and the Chief Guest for the photographs.
The auditorium resounded with clapping consistently when Brig. Panwar spoke to the children, motivating them to do their best by imbibing the values of ‘devotion and discipline’ in their lives. He congratulated Brother Joseph for bringing the school to the top level within the short time span of five years.
The programme came to end with the school choir singing the School Anthem and the National Anthem sequentially, arousing feelings of pride and devotion in the hearts of ones who attended the event.