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Investiture Ceremony held at Welham Boys’ School


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 5 Feb: Welham Boys’ School held its Investiture Ceremony for the academic year, 2024-2025, here, today.

The ceremony commenced with the Chief Guest, Deepankar Aron, Commissioner, GST (Appeals), Uttarakhand, being escorted to the stage by a procession of outgoing prefects, led by the outgoing Head Boy, Trayambak Pathak.

The assembly commenced with a solemn prayer and hymn, invoking divine blessings. Following this, the outgoing School Captain, Trayambak Pathak administered the official oath of office to his successor, Atharva Agarwal.

The Chief Guest affixed the School Captain’s badge onto the newly appointed School Captain, extending heartfelt congratulations. The ceremony continued with the formal investiture of the Sports Captain, Aditya Nitin Kumar, and the Academics Captain, Eshan Agarwal, subsequently followed by the induction of the Activities Captain, Ashaaz Ansari. This was further complemented by the recognition of the four distinguished House Captains and the appointment of the four committed House Prefects.

The Chief Guest, in his address, underscored the paramount importance of venerating elders, upholding cherished traditions, and adhering to ethical principles. Drawing insightful parallels from the timeless epic Mahabharata, the Chief Guest also illustrated the significance of obedience exemplified by Lord Ram in fulfilling his father’s wishes.

During the event, Aron invoked the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi, highlighting the visionary leader’s perspectives on compassion, resilience in the face of failure, and the profound impact of self-control.

During her address, Principal Sangeeta Kain expressed unwavering confidence in the newly appointed prefects’ capacity to lead by setting an exemplary standard. She extended her appreciation to parents for their collaborative efforts with the school in nurturing young minds. Emphasising the importance of compassion and courage, she motivated the Student Council to carry out its responsibilities diligently. Furthermore, she urged all students, especially those bestowed with badges of honour, to prepare for a world where societal needs take precedence over self-interest. Kain encouraged them to devise innovative ways to make a positive impact on the world.

The ceremony culminated with an eloquent expression of gratitude by the newly appointed School Captain, extending heartfelt thanks to the Presiding Officer, Principal, Parents, Guests, Staff, and Students of Welham Boys’.