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ISKU awards honorary Black Belts to those promoting Karate


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 8 Mar: International Shotokan Karate Union, Japan (ISKU), an International Karate Organisation, has conferred people from various states of India with Honorary Black Belt Degrees (the most prestigious honour) for the year 2022, for their work in promoting and advancing Karate-Do.
They were presented honorary 6th & 5th Degree Black Belts at a ceremony held, here, today. The certificates were presented by Siraj Ahmad, Chairman, ISKU, on behalf of Grand Master Shihan Kenjiro Kawanabe.
Journalist and actor Satish Sharma (6th Degree), Puneet Dixit, Secretary General, JKH-India (6th Degree), Senior Congress Vice President Surendra Kumar (5th Degree), Journalist and Professor Subhash Gupta (5th Degree), VK Dobhal (5th Degree), Prakash Joshi (5th Degree), Journalist Asad Khan (5th Degree) and Journalist Chetan Gurung (5th Degree) were among the personalities to receive this honour.
Siraj Ahmad said on the occasion that all these people have contributed significantly to promote Karate. For the last 25 years, the contribution of these people in promoting true Karate cannot be forgotten. He said that all the above people have been recommended by the World Grand Master Shihan Kenjiro Kawanabe, International Shotokan Karate Union, Japan.