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It’s all about Salman’s overpowering oomph that lures


Film Review                                                     Dabangg 3


‘Swaggat toh karo hamara’, the words coming from the most
loved character of Salman, Chulbul Pandey, in the introductory scene is an adequate dose of euphoria to fill the hall with whistles that blatantly say – Salman’s allure is eternal. Unfortunately, the Dabangg series is incrementally losing its lustre but Salman Khan’s charm refuses to fade. It robustly lures his fans. The jam-packed hall was testimony to this fact. The fifty years plus actor playing the role of a man in thirties yet maintaining his physique and agility in all his songs and fights is commendable. The unfading love for the star was oozing through seetis, claps, and hoots; every time Salman fluttered his finger, or blew his opponents or spoke a single word, it filled the hall with an ecstatic charge.
The directorial responsibility of Dabangg 3 has been given to Prabhudeva who reunites with Salman, 10 years after they made block buster Wanted. Prabhudeva tries to take Dabangg 3 to another level by pitting famous Kannada actor, Sudeep, as antagonist against Salman. This courtship makes it thunderous in terms of action but has a faint impact. It looks worn with repetitive acts and lengthy running despite having innumerable songs and overflowing action. It adorns quintessential Chulbul Pandey moments for Salman’s fans to savour yet fails to make a bang.
In Dabangg 3, Chulbul Pandey’s in a settled state. He has a wife, kid, father, and brother, all living together happily. Chulbul, a docile husband at home but a dabangg officer in Khakhi at work, has a gang of equally funny yet supportive subordinates to cheer him up in all his endeavours. He calls himself ‘Police waala goonda’. Very soon the happy family hits a road block when Chulbul’s old enemy, Bali Singh (Sudeep), surfaces and lock horns with him by being active in the area that falls in Pandey’s jurisdiction. Another love angle has been added to the story concerning Pandey’s past lover, a coy girl, Khushi (Saiee Manjrekar) and linking it with Balli Singh. The end remains predictable knowing that the protagonist is unbeatable and the belief in victory of good over evil is restored while touching the topic of violence against women briefly.
Dabangg series solely focus on Salman and he shines in each frame in terms of physique, appeal, presence, confidence and swagger. Other supporting cast merely flourish in his presence whether it is Sonakshi as his wife or Arbaaz Khan as his brother. Sudeep, the famous Kannada actor, chosen as the main antagonist against Salman gives a rock-solid performance. The film tries to milk from past glories by using the same old methods. Salman in Dabangg franchise without a shirt is unthinkable. It was a double bonanza treat for the fans to see two of the favourite stars go topless without any provocation for a duet- fight scene between Sudeep and Salman. The background music is painfully loud to accentuate fight scenes that are in abundance in the film with goons of all colours, shapes, and size roped in to fight and be beaten to the pulp.
Dabangg 3 may not fascinate one and all but it would be wrong to say that the film is bereft of entertainment. It has its moments and enough material to sustain the interest of the viewers. The age-old story of a rowdy cop beating the goondas fails to enthral as much as it succeeded in the first film. The direction is weak and one genuinely misses the quintessential boisterous dialogues like ‘thapad se dar nahin lagta saab, pyaar se lagta hai’ and the scintillating item numbers by Malaika Arora dancing on ‘Munni badnam hui’ and Kareena’s ‘Fevicol se’.
If you are a true Salman fan, you will find many reasons to enjoy Salman’s pompous display of his abs, dance moves and comedy. The snowball effect lets one glued till the end. After all it’s all about the Robinhood cop!

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