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Jamatis harass staff at Doon Hospital, too



DEHRADUN, 3 Apr: Jamatis admitted in Doon Medical College Hospital are also reported to have harassed the hospital staff much in the same way as in several other parts of the country. Similar reports have been received from the Sushila Tiwari Medical College, Haldwani, too.
It may be recalled that currently 15 suspected patients of Corona are undergoing treatment at the Government Doon Medical Hospital in different cabins of the Quarantine ward. These include 10 patients who were brought to the hospital from their homes by teams of the police and health department on Thursday night. Swab samples have been sent to the lab for examination.
In the isolation ward, presently, there are three positive cases, including an American citizen, one trainee IFS officer and a youth, resident of Selakui who had returned from Dubai. All are undergoing treatment.
As per the hospital sources, the doctors, nurses and other para-medical staff at the quarantine wards of Doon Medical College were harassed so much by the Jamatis that they had to report the matter to the police, which has issued a very strict warning to the offenders.
According to sources at the Doon Medical College, the Jamatis were complaining about the food, while some were reported to have spit at several places in the ward. One particular Jamati was reported to be not only spitting in several places, but also misbehaving with the hospital staff and not cooperating with them. He was refusing to eat dal, roti and vegetables. When all the efforts on the part of the doctors and even the Deputy Medical Superintendent failed to convince him and the other Jamatis to behave properly, Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr NS Khatri filed a complaint with DIG Arun Mohan Joshi over the phone. According to Dr Khatri, after the police complaint, the Jamatis were warned that legal action would be taken against them if they did not desist from their improper behaviour.