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Jatin receives positive remarks for negative role !


By Sunita Vijay

The role of Vicky Rai in the series ‘The Great Indian Murder Mystery’ released on OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar has opened the flood gates of meaty offers for Jatin Goswami. He is truly spoilt for choices!

The passionate actor’s rise to fame came through continuous preparation, patience and hard work. The success came overnight, but the preparation began years ago when he joined FTII, Pune, for an acting course. What followed was work in theatres, films, and a prominent role in ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’ starring Nawazuuddin Siddiqui. Jatin believes that nothing is ever achieved in life without enthusiasm and persistent hard work. For him, acting is not only a hobby but also a necessity. ‘If one opts to be in Bollywood, one requires loads and loads of patience,’ he says.

Jatin is rolling in success, and praises are showering incessantly from everywhere. He is on a heart-winning spree, catching the attention of big projects with big stars. The evil character he played as Vicky Rai required him to be rich and intelligent, wicked and immoral, an antagonist and a victim; all prerequisites to doing weird things in the skin of Vicky, and he nailed it!

Jatin feels blessed to have worked with renowned Director Tigmanshu Dhulia in TGIMM in a negative role that’s gathering substantial positive responses. His character befittingly evokes hatred, but his execution is worth loving!

Jatin looked comfortable as a shrewd person with an appealing demeanour in Vicky’s role. When asked how he prepared himself for the ‘bad boy,’ he responds, “Unlike theatre where you are exploring the character for months, films provide a day or two. Once you know the person you are playing, it becomes easier. The character of Vicky was explored as the series progressed. “Interestingly, I was the last person on board and had very little time to interact with my co-stars. But being in the competent hands of a talented director, it all turned out well,” he said.

He added, ‘Mukesh Chhabra, the casting director of TGIMM, auditioned me for the role of ‘Munna’, the part played brilliantly by Shashank Arora. The hunt for Vicky Rai was still on. Mukesh felt that I fitted the shoes perfectly. He conveyed his opinion to Tigmanshu Dhulia, and I was enrolled. In a talk of ten minutes, he gave me the synopsis of the character. He said – “Acting toh kar lega naa? It’s an evil character. You will have to do weird things as Vicky.” And the rest is history.

Talking about the feelings that engulf an actor when surrounded by stalwart co-stars like Ashutosh Rana and Raghubir Yadav, he declared, “The presence of heavyweight actors provided a steep learning curve. They made me comfortable, and I learnt a lot from them.”

Throwing light on the director’s remarks on his performance, he stated, “When you are shooting for a film, there is no audience. In theatre, the response is there and then. Here the director is your audience, and you impress him. Tigmanshu Dhulia is an experienced actor himself. His positive response was motivating. The kind of freedom he gave me, half the battle was won there and then. He said – ‘Yeh India ka Al Pacino hai’ and I feel it’s the biggest compliment, especially coming from him. It means a lot. He is a learned, knowledgeable person with the minutest understanding of acting. I am lucky to receive this exposure.”

The audience may not remember Jatin in ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’, but they will not forget him as Vicky Rai. Defining his journey, he averred, ‘I am thrilled and hopeful. Interesting roles are coming my way. Babumushai Bandookbaaz was an average film, but my work was noticed. I have maintained patience all along. Patience, execution, and acceptance by the audience plays an important role in an actor’s success. It’s teamwork and all contribute to making it roll. I’ve been in Mumbai for twelve years. I wouldn’t say it was a struggle. It was not a luxury either. Mumbai is an expensive city, and with handholding from none, it was a necessity for me to work. I have done theatre. Before playing Vicky Rai, I worked in films and web series, but they were small roles comprising one or two scenes. Every new assignment smoothen rough edges and prepare one for the breaking point.”

As for new projects in hand, Jatin’s itinerary is full. He will be seen with Rajkummar Rao in ‘Hit’, Ayushmann Khurrana in ‘Anek’, and Manoj Bajpayee in ‘Gulmohar’. “I am lucky to be working with such fantastic actors. I feel blessed.”

Jatin’s connection with Doon is strong. His father lives in Rajpur. “My father always wanted to settle near the hills after retirement. My visits are occasional because most of the time I am working or travelling. Whenever I need a break, I come here to recharge. Uttarakhand is an extremely scenic state. It has the right amount of silence and rejuvenating aura. I long to spend more time here and explore Uttarakhand’s unexplored places! This state has huge potential in terms of holistic healing and tourism.”

I have seen Jatin growing from his childhood days to the present, as his father. He was always very patient and persevering. As an actor he worked hard in learning the craft at Pune and in Delhi. I think he has a bright future in the glamorous world. I wish him all luck and blessings for his bright future! My wife Anup is with him in Mumbai these days.

-Capt Suman Goswami
Resident of Pleasant Valley, Rajpur, Dehradun.