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Jaunsar Mahasabha pays tribute to Martyr Kesari Chand



DEHRADUN,3 May: The President of the Jaunsar Mahasabha, Munna Rana, Archana Rana and several others paid tribute at the Gandhi Park here, today, to Kesari Chand of the INA, who attained martyrdom on 3 May, 1945. Also present were Patron of the Vir Kesari Chand Samiti and member of the Jaunsar Bawar Lok Panchayat, K S Chauhan, Gambhir Chauhan and Vijay Ram Sharma.
Munna Rana recalled that this youth from Jaunsar Bawar joined Subhash Bose in his war for independence against British rule. He died at the age of twenty four and a half years, when he was hanged to death.
K S Chauhan said that Kesari Chand was born in Kyava Village of Jaunsar Bawar on 1 November, 1920. His mother passed away six months after his birth and he was brought up by his father. He received his early education in Vikasnagar and, then, he studied in DAV College, Dehradun. He joined the Royal Indian Army Service Corps on10 April, 1941. He did the Viceroy Commission course in Ferozepur and was sent to war to Malaya on 19 October, 1941. He became a Subedar on 27 December, 1941.
He was taken prisoner by the Japanese on 15 February, 1942 and joined the Indian National Army. He was taken prisoner in Imphal by the British. He faced a court martial on under the Army Act on 12 December, 1944, at the Red Fort in Delhi and was condemned to death on 3 February, 1945. He was hanged to death in the Delhi District Jail on 3 May, 1945.
Gambhir Chauhan noted that, every year, on 3 May, a fair is held in the martyr’s honour at Ram Tal Garden near Chakrata, when tribute is paid to him by the people in the thousands. Owing to the ongoing lockdown, however, the fair could not be held this year.