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Jewellery shop looted in Selaqui



DEHRADUN, 19 Feb: Two burglars entered a jewellery shop in Selaqui, and at gun point looted the store owner Mustaqim last evening by pointing a gun at his eight year old son who was also present in the store at that time. An FIR has been registered in Selaqui police station, under section 394 IPC today morning. According to the FIR, 8 to 9 kgs of silver ornaments, some gold ornaments, and cash worth Rs 65,000 were looted by the robber duo. They entered the showroom last night pretending to be customers and claimed to be interested in buying a silver coin. When Mustaqim showed them the silver chain collection they selected one. Mustaqim started preparing a bill when one of the robbers reached the counter and pointed a gun at his son. When the shop owner tried to intervene, he too got injured in the process. The robbers then picked up the heavy jewellery boxes and vanished. A police investigation is underway. All the nearby CCTV footage is being checked to verify the incident and identify the robbers.