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Jhanda Mela begins with fanfare after flag hoisting

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 30 Mar: The famous Jhanda Mela of Dehradun commenced today with the raising of the new sacred flag pole at Darbar Sahib here. The Mela (Fair) committee along with devotees will organise a Nagar Parikrama programme on 1 April to celebrate the start of the Jhanda Mela. The mela began after due religious rituals held at Darbar Sahib here day. To mark this occasion, the committee will organise the Nagar Parikrama on 1 April. The Parikrama will begin at 7:30 AM, traversing through Saharanpur Chowk, Kanwali Road, Bindal, Tilak Road, Ghantaghar and conclude at the Darbar Sahib with bhajan, kirtan and distribution of Parsad.
Today’s programme began at 7 a.m this morning with the bringing down of the holy flag pole. In the afternoon, the new flag pole was raised under the guidance of Mahant Devendra Das of Darbar Sahib thus marking the commencement of the Jhanda Mela.
A flood of devotees gathered for the raising of the sacred flag and this year, Harbhajan Singh of Punjab offered the Darshani Gilaf. The process of puja started from seven in the morning and covers were placed on the flag.
Many groups of devotees from across the country have reached Doon the fair. Speaking on this occasion, Mahant Devendra Das Maharaj said that the person who follows the path shown by the Guru, experiences heaven on earth itself. During this, the Sangats recited the Shabad of Shri Guru Ram Rai Maharaj.
Sangats from schools and colleges kept arriving at Darbar Sahib continuously. Bhandaras were organised at many places on Saharanpur Road on this occasion. A large number of Sangats accepted the Prasad. During the fair today, eight big and four small langars were installed in Darbar Sahib.
Sangats stayed at more than eight places. It may be recalled that the Sangats had started arriving in Doon about a week ago. Arrangements have been made to house these Sangats in more than eight schools of Guru Ram Rai in Doon. Sangats from Punjab, Haryana, UP as well as from every corner of the country have arrived for the historical fair.
Five LED screens have also been installed in the Darbar Sahib complex during the Jhandemela. Along with this, the hoisting of the flag and its process is being telecast live on social media.