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By Pooja Marwah

A journal is not a ‘Dear Diary’ entry, nor is it reserved for writers who are bootstrapped for creativity! But rather, it is a way of documenting what worked for you during the day or what didn’t, further helping you rectify or relive those moments!

It actually is a fun daily routine to imbibe, which clears the way for frivolous gossip or bickers! All of us are slaves to some form of routine in our lives, be it beauty oriented or technology, be it social media vanity metrics or fitness! We find something that we enjoy doing, and put that into a daily to-do list! Plain and simple!

Likewise, the idea of creating or starting a journal may seem daunting but you are never too old or too young to begin. NOW is what you have to call your own, so investing in your NOW, would give you a reason to connect with yourself and grow from within, wouldn’t it?

It gives you a space to pour out your soul, reflect on your thoughts, and make sense of your experiences. It feels like having a trusted best friend who listens without judgment, patiently waiting for you to share your deepest thoughts and fears. Of course, you may want to argue here and say that you’d rather meet that friend and talk about it. But, there are very few of us out there, who can actually open up all of our petals in front of people, no matter how close we are.

This is a way to find yourself, to understand who you really are and what you want to be. It’s a page that lives through your day with you, offering you solace when you need it. This ever changing world that we live in is exciting for sure, but a lot of us are getting lost in the race, simply because we are unable to keep up. And that is not a nice spot to be in. This may be a race but it is a race with yourself and no one else. And this is something you and your journal entries will eventually showcase!

Clarity is what a lot of us don’t have, hence we find ourselves frustrated, irritable and stressed. At this point, what if I told you that all you need is to put down on paper everything that you are thinking or feeling; you may think I have streaks of crazy in me, but once you do it, you will replace those steaks with lines of sense!

Think of it as a way of creating your unique autobiography, which is for you to read. A place where all of your emotions are stored, a vault wherein you have the best and the worst moments of your life to see, to introspect, and to grow!

All around me I see people clambering for personal growth, change and a magic formula that will help them evolve as human beings. But, this answer actually lies within you. I can talk about it, and I can show you ways but eventually, it is you, yourself that will need to realise what you want and then work at it.

When I work on Thought Leadership with World Leaders, there is a common pattern I observe. Despite everything they have achieved and still achieving, a part of them remains closed and confused. I don’t intend to teach or preach but to share a little of my own experiences that help you identify yours…

For, in the end, we are all woven together with the threads of humanity. I take with me a little of your present and you carry with you a little of mine!

How about starting your journal with that?

(Pooja Poddar Marwah is an award winning author and Blogger. She writes an contemporary living and offers incisive reflections on the world around us. Her blog, Random Conversations is a go to guide to deal with the myraid stuggles we face each day.)