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Journalism will always be a mission: Yogesh Bhatt

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 30 May: Six journalists and one news portal were honoured at a function held at a function held at Uttaranchal Press Club on the occasion of Hindi Journalism Day. Those honoured were Rakesh Khanduri, Dinesh Kukreti and Gaurav Mishra for long-term services and Surendra Dasila, Sheeshpal Gusain for factual journalism, Kiran Kant Sharma in the News Portal category and Team Baramasa in investigative journalism. Along with this, local editor of Navodaya Times/Punjab Kesari Nishith Joshi and senior journalist Harish Kothari were also honoured.

The Chief Guest of the programme, State Information Commissioner Yogesh Bhatt emphasised upon the contribution of Hindi Journalism. He said that Journalism was a mission in the past, it is a mission even today and it will remain a mission in future too. Journalism can never be separated from issues of public concern. He said that  two dimensions of journalism are currently prevalent, one that favours the ruling party and the other that stands with the Opposition. However, there is another aspect of freelance and independent journalism that will be the pillar of the journalism in the future because of relative impartiality. Yogesh Bhatt urged that the government should ensure dignity to the fourth pillar of democracy. Social and financial security should be provided to journalists. Pure idealism has made it impossible for journalists to work. That’s why he requested that journalists should make a policy that would make it easier for honest and supportive journalists to work.
Director General Information, Banshidhar Tiwari, presiding over the programme, said that India has become independent only because of the hard work of journalists, today freedom of expression and democracy of journalists is maintained, behind it is the sacrifice of journalists, it is because of their dedication and struggle that we got freedom. On this occasion, he said that despite the technological explosion, the role and importance of newspapers will always remain. Banshidhar Tiwari said that journalists who work honestly will always get respect and honour.
Special guest, Dr Devendra Bhasin said that the history of Hindi journalism is written in golden letters. He also cited the challenges and crisis facing journalism at present. Smart handling of the economic pressure as well as the pressure of power is the need of the hour. While journalists do not have to give up their ideals, the changing technology has brought a big change in journalism. One needs to take advantage of technology. He said that many people are doing harm to journalism in the guise of journalists, due to which identity crisis has arisen in front of professional journalists. One needs to fight such elements as well. He said that the seed of idealism has to be preserved and truth will live forever.
Press Club President Ajay Rana welcomed and presented mementos to all the guests and the program was conducted by General Secretary Vikas Gusai. Vinod Pundir, Former Presidents Jitendra Anthwal, Darshan Singh Rawat, Former General Secretary Giridhar Sharma, Senior Club Members Nishith Joshi, Arun Sharma, Raju Pushola, Bhupat Singh Bisht, Sushil Upadhyay, Sushil Rawat, Devendra Singh Negi, Rohit Verma, Deepak Farshwan, Amit Thakur, Prabha Verma, Sonu Singh, Kishore Rawat were present apart from many others.