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Kalpvriksha Development Society launches digital skill centre for rural children


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 2 May: According to Abhinav Negi, Vice President of Kalpvriksha Development Society, that the organisation has launched the Kalpvriksha Digital Gurukul and Speed Boot Camp initiative, which aims to equip youth with world-class digital skills to enable them to avail of global employment opportunities. With such initiatives, India can achieve global leadership by developing digital skills and the society is working to support this goal. This programme has been launched in the hill region of the state.

Abhinav Negi has claimed that the Kalpvriksh Digital Gurukul initiative will play a significant role in bridging the gap related to the digital knowledge and skills between the underprivileged students and those living in urban areas. The digital platform will serve as a tool to link students from rural communities, as well as youth and adults, with the digital world. This connection will allow them to access knowledge and gain skills, leading to their development in social, economic, political, and cultural domains.

At a function of the Kalpavriksha Development Society held in Dwara village in Dehradun, Durwan Singh Saryal, the state coordinator for Self-Employed India, praised the initiative of Kalpavriksh Digital Gurukul, particularly in the villages in the hills, adding that this demonstrates a commitment to providing modern education to underprivileged and economically weaker students in the remote areas of the state. Sushant Vashisth emphasised the importance of English proficiency for success in today’s business and digital world, as much of the published knowledge on the internet is in English. The Kalpvriksh Sustainable Development Society is also working to teach English and digital literacy to children. The Digital Gurukul will also provide live online classes for English curriculum in villages besides imparting digital literacy skills to children from the villages.

Hukum Singh Negi has generously provided free space in his home for the skill centre of the society. He also chaired the programme for the Kalpavriksha Digital Gurukul. The organisation equipped the space with laptops and furniture to connect rural communities with the digital age. To ensure the successful operation of the KDG, a team of “Dwara Digital Champions” was formulated, consisting of Chief Innovator Anant Badoni, Tech Whiz Hemant Negi, Communication Champ Manoj Negi, Money Master Dheeraj Negi, and Event Planner Atul Rawat.

The programme saw active participation from various local children including Deepika Uniyal, Fiyana Vashisht, Dinesh Rawat, Soban Negi, Meena Manwal, Sarita Badoni, Sumitra Rawat, Suraj Singh Ramola, among others.