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Karan Mahara condemns ‘arrest’ of scribe Ashutosh Negi



DEHRADUN 5 Mar: Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress President Karan Mahara has condemned the ‘arrest’ of independent journalist and ‘Jago Uttarakhand’ editor Ashutosh Negi. He has termed the action of the police as an attempt of the state government to suppress the voice of the commoner.

State Congress President Karan Mahara, while expressing a strong reaction on Negi’s arrest, claimed that, with the power of the police, the government is working to cover up the crimes of its party leaders and to suppress the voice of the common people. Mahara also claimed that the involvement of a BJP leader’s son in the murder of Uttarakhand’s daughter Ankita Bhandari is well known, but instead of getting him punished, only those who are raising the voice of the victim are being threatened.

Mahara further alleged that atrocities on women are increasing in the states where there are BJP governments. The BJP governments have always worked to protect the culprits, due to which the duplicitous character of the BJP regarding women has also come to the fore. He said that the BJP has been avoiding even revealing the names of the VIPs involved in the Ankita Bhandari murder case. When journalist Ashutosh Negi complained about the continuous threats he received in a sponsored manner, instead of providing him security, he was arrested.