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Karan Mahra promises Rs 1 lakh per annum stipend to unemployed youth

BJP is becoming Congress oriented by including Cong leaders: Mahara
By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 9 Mar: State Congress Committee President Karan Mahara, while addressing the media at the State Congress Headquarters today, while referring to the five historic guarantees given by the Indian National Congress to the youth of the country, said that in case, the Congress comes to power at the Centre along with its alliance, then definitely the future of the youth of the country will be bright. He said that Congress National President Malikarjun Kharge and former President Rahul Gandhi have guaranteed jobs to 30 lakh youth in government departments. In addition, the Congress has also promised an annual stipend of Rs One Lakh to every unemployed youth in the country.
During his interaction with the media persons, in response to queries by journalists, Mahara also commented on Congress leader Manish Khanduri joining the BJP today and stated that BJP is now becoming Congress Yukt (being filled up with Congress leaders). He also reminded that perhaps it was the family pressure on Khanduri to join the BJP as his father and sister are prominent BJP leaders. Congress had given him due respect and cared for him but probably he lacked patience. Mahara also claimed that even at present five out of 9 cabinet ministers in Uttarakhand are from Congress background. He said that BJP is claiming that it will cross 400 Lok Sabha seats in the coming election but it is nervous and that was the reason, why it is inviting leaders from other parties in its fold.
Mahra further claimed that due to the weak employment policy of the BJP government at the Centre, the youth of the country are facing the brunt of unemployment. Keeping in mind the future of the youth, the All India Congress Committee has decided to provide immediate employment to 30 lakh youth in government departments. Apart from this, it has been guaranteed that employment opportunities will be created by creating new posts in public sectors, railways, army, paramilitary
Mahara said that there have been continuous recruitment scams under the patronage of BJP’s central and state government. BJP leaders have been involved in many scams. Congress has been demanding a solid judicial inquiry into these scams. But till date no investigation has been done. He said that in order to bring transparency in various recruitments, All India Congress Committee has ensured the conduct of examinations in a credible manner by making a new law to stop paper leaks keeping in mind the future of the youth. He said that under social security, those working in the unorganised sectors like vehicle drivers, those working in private institutions, through newspapers like Sugi, Jomota, Ola Uber, Rapido and other employees like those working in food supply chain and in other unsafe areas will be provided health insurance and also the poor and old people will begiven social and health security.
Karan Mahara promised that under Yuva Roshni, the Congress Party will help in the creation of new employment by creating a corpus fund of Rs 5 thousand crore to guarantee employment for the youth and will organize the examination in a reliable manner by making a law for the diploma holders.. He said that every graduate and diploma holder will be given a guarantee of first employment along with the degree in the form of a stipend of Rs 1 lakh per year. Through which the youth will be able to build their future.