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Kartikeya Swamy, Anasuya Temples will be linked with tourism circuit: Satpal Maharaj


By Our Staff Reporter

Rudraprayag, 16 May: The Uttarakhand Tourism Department organised a grand 108 Balampuri Conch Shell Worship and Havan programme at Kartikeya Swami Temple located in Kraunch Mountain here today.

This programme was organised at the initiative of State Tourism, Religion and Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj. On this occasion, Maharaj, while welcoming the people and the guests from South India, who were participating in worship with Shivacharya and Gurus from South India, said that at the Kartikey Swami temple, 108 Balampuri conch shells were used for worship and Havan and Dakshina Vart was done. Swami Kartikeya’s Jalabhishek was also done on the occasion. He said that when Kartikeya Swami reached here after taking a round of Mother Earth and after his brother Ganesha was declared as the winner, he got angry with his mother, Parvati, and performed a hard penance here to get over his anguish. After this, Kartikeya went to South India, where he is specially worshiped as Murgan Swami.

Maharaj reminded that, while in north India, this is the only temple of Lord Kartikeya, in the south there are many temples of him. He has a dedicated following of devotees in the South. Maharaj said that Shivacharya from South has come here today and all his followers are praying for the progress of the country. Agastyamuni’s Agastya Rishi, Kartikeya Swamy Temple and Anasuya Temple will be added to the tourist circuit and developed from the tourism point of view. With the development of Kartikeya Swamy temple, employment opportunities will become available at the local level as well. The Kartikeya temple will be developed from the point of view of tourism so that it emerges on the tourism map. Maharaj thanked all Shivacharyas, gurus and devotees for participating.

Kedarnath MLA Shaila Rani Rawat said that this is the day of a historical meeting of the people of North India and South India. All the devotees of Kartikey have come together. On this occasion, flowers were showered on the devotees by a drone.

Padma Shivmani and his colleagues also spoke on the occasion. Shivacharyas, teachers and guests present were also honoured.

Saravana Manikka Vasag Swamy, Shivagyan Balaya, Kumar Gurubara Swamy, Shantalinga Maruthasala, Tirugnyananda Swamigal, Mandolin U Rajesh, Aaroor Subrajhaynam Shivacharya Swamy Susanta, Mandolin U Rajesh, OSD Bhaskar Khulbe, Tourism Secretary Sachin Kurve, Additional Secretary C Ravishankar, Superintendent of Police Dr Ashok Bhadane were among those present along with a large number of Kartikeya devotees from South India as well as local devotees.