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Kindergarteners at St Patrick’s Academy spearhead ‘Go Green’ drive



DEHRADUN, 29 Jul: The best way to learn is by doing; children may be taught all about the plants or their importance in keeping the environment clean and green, but when the little ones are given the task of planting with their tiny little hands and get the ownership of the plants as well, their sense of responsibility heightens along with their understanding of the environment. The KG students of St Patrick’s Academy discovered their green thumbs here, today, when they gathered in the lawns of the school to grow their individual flowering plants. The children had fun getting their hands into the soil, feeling and observing the saplings and putting them into their own pots. As it is said: Why try to explain miracles to children when you can just have them plant a garden? The whole exercise gave the children a chance to learn an important life skill and it was also a way to teach them about environmental awareness by exploring the workings of nature.