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Koshyari releases poster of film ‘Samosa and Sons’


By Our Staff Reporter

Mumbai, 5 Oct: Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari released the poster of the film ‘Samosa and Sons’, being produced by national award winning filmmaker Shalini Shah at Raj Bhavan, here, on Monday.
The cast and crew of the film were present on the occasion. Sanjay Mishra has played the lead role in the film.
According to Shalini Shah, the film is a light and entertaining satire on hypocrisy in society.
Chandan Bisht, Neha Garg, Jitu Shastri and Bijendra Kala were prominent among those present.
Shalini Shah is set to release her feature film “Samosa And Sons” on OTT platforms. Starring veteran actor Sanjay Mishra and other acclaimed actors, the film calls out an average Indian man’s irrepressible longing for a son and the age-old patriarchal conditioning that informs it.
Set in a scenic hill town of Uttarakhand, the film traces the life of a submissive samosa shop owner, Chandan Koranga. Chandan sees his dead father’s ghost (played by Sanjay Mishra) every night, who brainwashes him into desperately wanting a son. Father to a 7 year-old girl, Chandan is scared to share the wishes of his dad’s ghost with his way more progressive wife Dhwani. Will Chandan realise that it’s no ghost but his own subconscious conditioned by years of patriarchy that is dominating his thoughts and actions? To find out, the movie can be spotted on OTT platforms, soon.
“Light and entertaining in its tone, Samosa and Sons is a satire on the hypocrisy of our society that tries to conceal the desire for a son, but fails,” said Director Shalini Shah, who has won the national award for her documentary “From the Land of Buddhism to the Land of Buddha”.
“The situational comedy addresses the deep patriarchal conditioning in all of us,” she added.