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By Dr Nitin Pandey

DEHRADUN, 4 Aug: Another routine day from the Coronavirus point of view for India on Tuesday. A total increase of 52,050 cases was almost matched by the number recovered, which was 44,306. All the majorly infected areas reported a decrease in number of active cases including Maharashtra, TN, Karnataka and Delhi, while UP, WB, Telengana and Bihar had an increase. The number of active cases in Delhi dipped below 10,000 for the first time after the surge.
United Nations on Tuesday labeled affect of the pandemic on school education as a “generational catastrophe”, adding that education of 1 billion children worldwide was severely disrupted. According to UN, this led to a knockdown affect on Child nutrition, child marriages and gender discrimination among other things.
In Uttarakhand, for the first time, people getting discharged exceeded the number of people testing positive – 309 discharged while 208 tested positive. It is worth remembering that just testing positive does NOT mean you have illness, more than 80% test positive, meaning the virus is there in their respiratory tract but that has not made them sick. Dehradun had 48 new cases and 55 discharges. The proportion of locally spread cases dropped further in Uttarakhand to 28%, compared to 37% last week. Of the 208 new cases detected today, just 58 had no positive history. The number of pending tests remained just over 8000, a big worrying point. Five people died in Uttarakhand on Tuesday because of COVID-19, 3 in Haldwani and two in Dehradun.