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By Dr Nitin Pandey

DEHRADUN, 10 Aug: Monday reported a low increase in the total number of active cases, just 6198, which means that people are getting better at a faster rate than testing positive. India’s recovery rate has also crossed 68%, the highest so far. Absolute numbers were almost static, 62,064 new cases Vs 54,859 recoveries. Maharashtra, TN, Telangana and Gujarat, all reported more recoveries than new cases. Delhi reported a marginal increase of 62 in total active cases.
One of the saddest effects of the Pandemic, which came to light today, is that a survey has revealed a 20 – 25% increase in cases of irregularities in periods among women during the pandemic, indicating an enormous increase in stress in women. This has been attributed to stress and overeating. This has increased financial strain on women of poor families. Another survey of consumer behavior, released on Monday, revealed a huge spike (almost 50% in some), in consumption of Pasta, Noodles and biscuits during the Pandemic. Notably Yipee has seen a growth of 50%. Dettol soaps and hand-wash recorded an impressive 14.5% growth during the Pandemic.
Uttarakhand had an uneventful day with 389 new positive persons and 167 people discharged. As many as 235 out of these 389 (60%) had no positive history, a vast majority of them being in Haridwar (109) and Udham Singh Nagar (67), indicating a significant local spread. Dehradun had 41 new positive persons with 19 discharges, while 27 out of the 41 in Dehradun had no positive history. Nine patients passed away on Monday in Uttarakhand, 6 in Haldwani, 1 in Dehradun and 2 in Rishikesh.
And, in the end, a reminder that more than 80% people who test positive for Coronavirus have no symptoms and need no treatment. Those with mild symptoms, unless they have predisposing factors, require the same treatment as that of flu, which is rest, hot fluids, nutritious diet, anti allergy medicines and perhaps Paracetamol. Only those with moderate or more severe form of illness or those who have other pre-existing diseases, need hospital admission and anti viral drugs.