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By Dr Nitin Pandey

DEHRADUN, 29 Jul: Corona virus situation in India continues to be stable with some very heartening news. The number of active cases in Maharashtra registered a sharp drop of roughly 3000 cases for the first time. Also interesting is that a serological survey in Mumbai revealed that over 57% in slums developed immunity against Coronavirus even if they never fell ill, compared to just 16% among those who lived in gated communities, an important indicator that totally isolating yourself is not a good idea. Speaking of figures, they stood still, as they have been over the last few days with 48,513 new cases, 35,286 recoveries and the same increase of 12,459 cases.
In Uttarakhand, we also had a “normal” day with 279 cases, with just 50 in Dehradun, out of which 30 were first contacts of positive patients, while 42 patients were also cured, so the net increase in cases in Dehradun is just 8. Statewide, we just had 79 cases with local transmission, the balance 200 being first contacts or those who came in from outside. If we take a macro view of our state, as of today we just have 2945 active cases, not bad in a state of 1.16 Crore population. Cumulatively 3811 patients have recovered out of 6886 people who have tested positive since January. Sadly, two people also passed away due to Covid today.