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By Dr Nitin Pandey

Dehradun, 31 Jul: On Friday, even as 55,078 new cases of COVID-19 were reported, a record number of patients, 37,223, became alright, leaving a net increase of just 17,076. As the Pandemic plays out its course, these figures will keep increasing, more and more persons will test positive but, alongside, an increasing number of patients will also keep healing, therefore we should not lose sleep over the total numbers. The cumulative total of cases, since 30 January, will obviously look massive (16.5 lakh cases approx), but then, as of today, there are just 5.5 lakh people who have tested positive, out of which approximately 80% or 4.4 lakh people have no symptoms and are perfectly healthy. So, in India today, just about 1.1 lakh people, approximately, will actually be sick. If we realise this, we wouldn’t be too scared. Of course, without any doubt, we must take proper precautions, wear a mask, keep social distancing, wash hands frequently and avoid crowded places, but then we should live our lives as normally as we can in the situation.
Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh had approximately eleven and ten thousand new cases on Friday, while Delhi registered just over a thousand cases with a slight drop in total number of active cases. Even though the total number of cases in Karnataka is well over a lakh and there is a daily rise of over 6000, the Karnataka Government today issued orders removing night time curfew and withdrawing all lockdowns from 1st Aug, along the lines of Unlock 3. Gyms and Yoga institutions open from 5 Aug.
In Uttarakhand, the figures are even more comforting. Out of 7,183 cases, so far, since January, 4168 have healed, leaving just 2897 active cases. Friday saw just 118 new cases and 172 recoveries, so our case active count actually fell. Of the 55 cases in Dehradun yesterday, with 40 people having no contact or travel history, indicated slight local transmission. What is worrying though is the number of pending case reports is up again, from a low of around 6000 to about 8000 today. Sadly, four people lost their lives due to COVID-19, three in AIIMS Rishikesh and one in Haldwani.

(Dr Nitin Pandey is a Dehradun based ex Indian Air Force doctor, a Pediatrician and an active Social worker.)