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Kumarajiva Yatra’s Ganga Jal connects Kashi with Kashgar



Dehradun, 21 Nov: Former Rajya Sabha MP Tarun Vijay, leader of the 11,050 km long ‘Kumarajiva Yatra, touching ten cities along the 4th Century Buddhist Monk’s journey to China, said that because of Indian monks’ scholarly discussions 1700 years ago, and the studies of scriptures, Xinjiang’s Kashgar was known as the Kashi of Central Asia. Many would be surprised that it is still known as Kashi.
Till this date, Kashgar airport, railway station, city bus station are simply named Kashi, Vijay disclosed.
He is one of the few authors allowed to visit China’s Kashi (known to the outside world as Kashgar).
He is accompanied by Bangalore South MP Tejasvi Surya.
The idea behind bringing Ganga Jal from Kashi and presenting it to the Kumarajiva Temple was to pay homage to the great saint Kumarajiva by rekindling Kashi’s sacred memories and soil from the Buddhist Stupa at Sarnath, thus instantly connecting Kashi of India to Kashi in China.