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Large number of Jamatis being quarantined in U’khand



DEHRADUN, 3 Apr: Six more Jamatis have been admitted to the isolation ward of the District Hospital in Rudrapur. These Jamatis had returned after attending a Jamat in Najibabad, district Bijnore. According to the Police, all of them were trying to return clandestinely by walking along the railway tracks from Najibabad when they were intercepted and arrested in Gadarpur.
In the Gandikhata Gujjar colony of Haridwar, a large number of Jamatis were identified and the administration had to seal the entire village. All outdoor movement in the village has been completely banned.
According to the information, teams of the police and administration identified 98 Jamatis returning from Delhi, Deoband and other places late Thursday night at the Gandikhata Gujjar Basti. All these have been home quarantined.
Meanwhile, in Roorkee, 173 Jamatis were brought from various places under the police station area. All of them are being kept in various guest houses in Roorkee area. While 70 have been kept at the Hassan Sabri Guest House, 69 are at Minar Hotel, 19 at Buland Guest House, 11 at Prince Hotel and 4 at Sabri Aqil Guest House.
According to a report coming from district Pauri, 5 persons who returned from the Tablighi Jamaat to various places in Srinagar have been kept in the quarantine centre. Six people had gone from Srinagar to Tehri on 22 February and on 15 March, they had gone to Sahanpur, Bijnor.
Five of them had returned from there on 29 March in a vegetable truck. An FIR has been registered against the five for violating the lockdown. Three Jamatis from Uttarkashi district, who had participated in the Tablighi Jamat in Delhi, have been quarantined in Delhi. While six Jamaatis who had gone from the district to the Jamaat in Una district of Himachal Pradesh, have not yet returned. DM Dr Ashish Chauhan said that no Jamati had returned to district Uttarakashi, so far. Their movements are being monitored, however, sources claimed. All roads entering the district are sealed at the border itself and every vehicle coming into the district is being checked. Another suspect has been isolated in Ranikhet with symptoms akin to Corona infection.