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Law College Dehradun holds Debate on Compulsory Voting


DEHRADUN, 25 Jan: The Debating Society of Law College Dehradun held an interesting debate on the topic, ‘Voting should be mandatory in India’, here, today. Eight participants made it to the final round.
Director of Uttaranchal University Dr Abhishek Joshi was present as the Chief Guest on the occasion, while Anjum Parvez, Amit Kumar and Kumar Ashutosh were present as the judges.
The competition was inaugurated with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp and then began the final round of the debate. Participants speaking in favour and against the topic presented their arguments and counter-arguments.
Those speaking in favour of the topic maintained that compulsory voting was an essential prerequisite of a strong, stable and vibrant democracy. However, the opponents contested the same on the ground of political immaturity of voters and lack of adequate political education.
Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest Dr Abhishek Joshi thanked the organisers for holding a debate on a burning issue. He praised the participants for their argumentative skills.
Dean and Principal of the college Dr Rajesh Bahuguna held that, although compulsory voting was indispensable for a healthy and stable democracy, but many aspects related to the subject had to be taken into consideration before its enforcement. He maintained that it was remarkable that the constitution conferred equal voting rights and one person one vote to all the citizens irrespective of educational or wealth.
Judges declared Jolly Singh the winner, while Manu Kumar and Manvi were declared first and second runners-up, respectively.
Those present on the occasion were Director of the University Dr Abhishek Joshi, Principal Prof Rajesh Bahuguna, Dr Poonam Rawat, Dr Anil Dixit, Dr Vijay Srivastava, Ujjwal Kumar, Dr Vivek Kumar, Ramkant Tripathi, Ambar Srivastava and hundreds of students.