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LBSNAA & IMA synergise efforts for Nation Building



Dehradun, 20 Nov: The Indian Military Academy continuously endeavours to evolve a training regime committed to transforming young Gentleman Cadets into leaders of the future aligned to development of the nation. In addition to Basic Military Training, the focus, therefore, remains on leadership development and all round personality development through interaction with trainees of other institutions, also. This encompasses understanding of the functioning of other organisations and departments along with their contribution towards nation building.

As part of this, an interaction between GCs of IMA and trainees of LBSNAA was carried out today.

A team of GCs visited LBSNAA to understand and imbibe the zeal and spirit of the future administrative officers of the country.

As part of shared learning and learning best practices, mixed teams of LBSNAA & GCs of IMA participated in Football, Basketball, Volleyball matches and Show Jumping events. Mixed teams fostered comradeship among the trainees of both the academies.

The Gentleman Cadets under the umbrella of leadership and collaborative learning had informal interactions during the sports activities with the under trainees of LBSNAA. Being a mixed team during the matches the trainees set common goals, managed conflicts in a supporting and trusting atmosphere in order to accomplish their targets. They displayed strong internal coordination and team spirit in order to achieve success while scoring the points.

This initiative taken to foster the spirit of National Integration across the country will boost civil-military camaraderie among the future Administrative and Army officers, which will further boost the Common National Aim of selfless service to the Nation along with integrated development of the country.

To ensure de-siloisation and create strong bonds amongst the committed and responsible future leaders of various fields, more such events will be organised in future with other institutions, also.