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Leading Economists gather at Doon Varsity for Seminar on U’khand



Dehradun, 22 Sep:  Eminent economists, public policy experts and researchers gathered here, today, for a two-day National Seminar and Researchers’ Conclave on “Development Experiences of Uttarakhand”, organised by the Department of Economics, Doon University, to discuss two decades of development experiences of the state.
Over 100 academicians and policy experts are participating in the seminar, which will focus on identifying strategies and reorienting development priorities in the state in the coming years. As many as 40 researchers presented their papers in two sessions on the first day in the Researchers’ Conclave today. The seminar will witness leading experts from across the country participating in 10 sessions on a range of sub-themes.
While discussing critical areas of growth, development, poverty reduction, environmental and social aspects, the seminar aims at offering a platform to discuss the perplexing issues pertaining to inclusive development of Uttarakhand, besides assessing the progress made so far in terms of ensuring decent livelihoods to labour, and their right to live and work with dignity, Professor R P Mamgain, Head of the Department of Economics, said in his introductory remarks at the inaugural session.

Though growth is taking place right from 1991, but the distribution of benefits of growth are not equitable at all. Ever since the process of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation unfolded in India, the benefits of this growth have been getting concentrated in fewer hands while the masses remain outside the purview of these benefits, claimed Professor VA Baurai. “While drawing lessons from national and international experiences, the seminar is expected to suggest a roadmap for facilitating the fuller utilisation of the state’s potential in the coming years,” declared Professor Mamgain.
As Uttarakhand has entered its youthful stage and shall be completing soon 25 years of existence since its formation, it is worth introspecting on the progress so far achieved, identify challenges ahead and undertake strategy and midway corrective measures to fulfill the long cherished aspirations of the people of Uttarakhand, Professor Mamgain emphasised, adding that these issues were not captured in the mainstream discourse on development.
Experts will make presentations on various subthemes such as promoting higher and sustainable growth, infrastructure, agriculture, industrial development, employment, migration, livelihoods, health, education, poverty, vulnerabilities and social protection, environment, ecological vulnerability and prospects of green economy, civil society organisation, financing sustainable development, public policy, governance and institutional reforms.