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“Least governance is the best governance”


By Avdhash Kaushal
Least governance is the best governance. This is the best way to make real and powerful democracy. Unfortunately, in India, governance means only bureaucracy and politicians.
Citizens’ participation in all kinds of governance is a must. If the police department has equal partnership with citizens in deciding the policies, it will take not more than one day to stop traffic jams, as well as minimise crimes.
Governance should concentrate on health, education, road construction, power supply, etc. In China, though they only call themselves a Republic, everyone knows what kind of democracy they have. India is now following the Chinese Model and bringing their law of how many children one family should have.
China has had to reverse their earlier law of having only one or two children fearing that it shall become a country of old people.
Without active participation of citizens, our country is heading towards dictatorship. This is a very wrong trend.
Our elected state governments want to start Kanwad Yatra saying that this is faith and traditional practice. Earlier, also, in India there was faith and traditional practice of Sati Pratha but ultimately it had to be stopped.
In India, as soon as the results are declared, the winning party feels that it has been give the mandate to harass and crush the opposition parties. They also feel now it is the time for all the free facilities for themselves. This is how corruption starts and democracy falls.