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LED bulb making workshop held by Sacred Sapling Society


DEHRADUN, 8 Mar: Under thr aegis of Sacred Saplings Society, a LED bulb making and repairing workshop to train young girls as master trainers, was held at its Jakhan Centre on 1st March.. The workshop was conducted by Dr Brij Mohan Sharma Secretary SPECS and participants included Naomi, Maemi, Preeti and Anjali. The objective was to train the participants in assembling and repairing LED bulbs and thus help them become trainers who can subsequently train young girls to become self reliant in the field of energy efficiency.
This unique and innovative program will now evolve and help in providing sustainable method of livelihood at the doorstep of youngsters and help in energy conservation with development of scientific temperament among them.
Dr. Brijmohan Sharma underlined that these lights have a long life, up to 50,000 to 1,00,000 burning hour. LED is the need of today as it spreads no pollution, its repairable, its technology is easy to learn and its cost effective.
All the four participants learnt the use of the electronic tools like Soldering Iron, Soldering Wax, Soldering Wire, Glue Gun, Diode, Resistance, Capacitor, PCB etc . They also practiced making drivers for LED lights and LED Circuits. The participants made more than 50 low-cost seven watt LED bulbs of 450 lux capacity. These bulbs can be easily repaired if required.
Dr. Sharma said that aim of the innovation Scheme is to identify and execute Feasible Innovative idea on the ground. SPECS innovation is well taken for this scheme in Uttarakhand. Participants manufacture these lights for generating livelihood after the training. This program will not only help in providing employment but will also be helpful in making people realize the importance of energy saving devices such as the use of LED bulbs in their daily lives.