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Legal Literacy Training Programme for Women concludes in Shimla



DEHRADUN, 24 Nov: Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK), Dehradun, concluded its three days Legal Awareness Training Programme in Himachal Pradesh for 60 women belonging to Mashobra and Basantpur Blocks with the support of the National Legal Service Authority through the State Legal Service at Mashogra Block Sabhagar, District Shimla. Legal Trainer Mamta Thapa spoke about Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace and the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, while Chaitanya delivered a session on the Hindu Marriage Act and Domestic Violence Act. Topics covered in these three days by Master Trainers Rekha Pundir and Josphin Singh were the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, Free legal Aid, Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, etc. Participants revealed that the teenagers of the area were addicted to drugs. ASI Inder Singh, who was attending the event at the invitation of RLEK addressed the participants and told them that to mothers should closely observe the behaviour of their children. He described the symptoms that would make them aware of addiction. He also shared his mobile number with the participants and told them to get in touch with him on any issue. The police department would support them in every such situation. Participants raised many concerns like property distribution if husband died without a will. Payal asked what action could be taken against an abusive husband. Also, a Women’ Forum was formed in which more than 30 active women like Neen Pradhan Asha, Gayatri Devi, Babli, Seema Sharma, Rampyari, etc., volunteered to act as a pressure group and help other women in Shimla find remedies against violence, as well as enjoy their rights and avail the benefits of central and state specific government schemes that they were informed about by Dr Jitendra Tiwari. “It is very important for all women to be aware of all the laws made for them so that they can be prevented from becoming victims. For this, a congregation of more than 600 women will be organised in Himachal Pradesh to which the current High Court Chief Justice, HP, and other former Chief Justices will be invited,” revealed Avdhash Kaushal, Chairperson RLEK, Dehradun.