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Leopard strolls around Hotel Reception in Mussoorie


By Sunil Sonker
Mussoorie, 9 Jan: A leopard was spotted inside the hotel in Barlowganj, here, on Wednesday. The leopard was seen roaming in the lobby of the reception at a time when no one was present. The movement of the leopard was captured in the CCTV cameras installed in the hotel. A stir was created among the people residing there and in nearby areas and they have demanded patrolling by forest officers.
Hotel Manager said that the people in the hotel were on the hotel’s terrace and the leopard came into the reception from the forest side and, after roaming around, returned to the forest. He said no harm was caused by the leopard to anyone, but it had definitely created a scare. He has asked officers of Forest department to increase the time of night patrolling being done by them.
While leopard sightings in the hill town during winters are not uncommon, such encounters are unheard of. Sightings of the feline along with her two cubs have also raised concern among the people living in Mussoorie.
“The forest department has increased patrolling. We are vigilant,” said Kehkasha Naseem, District Forest Officer, Mussoorie.