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Loan recovery agents arrested for forgery in Doon


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 27 Feb: Thana Raipur police has busted a gang of forgers and arrested 4 accused who were running the business of selling recovered two wheeler vehicles by preparing fake NOCs of the banks to which these vehicles had been hypothecated. Interestingly, the four arrested gang members were working as agents in a company hired by IDFC Bank’ for recovery of loans.

Because of being part of the loan recovery agency, these accused had access to not only the bank details of vehicles  on which EMIs had not been paid but also were recovering the vehicles from the loan defaulters without the knowledge of the bank.  According to police revelations, the gang has managed to have sold 80 to 90 two-wheelers financed by IDFC Bank at Rajpur Road, Dehradun, by making fake bank NOCs for the last one and a half years. Fifteen fake bank NOCs, printers, laptops, several fake RTO RCs, bank documents and evidence related to many frauds have been recovered from the possession of arrested gang accused Shahrukh Ahmed, Azhar, Rahul Kharola and Deepak Dhanai. Surprisingly, neither the bank nor the loan defaulters or the RTO had any information regarding such activities. The matter came to light only when another recovery agent of the bank contacted the loan defaulter who informed that the vehicle in question had already been recovered from him in the past. The arrested persons were today presented before the media by DIG, Dehradun, Dalip Singh Kunwar. Kunwar stated that the police got success in exposing this gang when an Activa was sold by this gang to a Raipur resident for Rs 61,000. But the Activa vehicle which was sold by making a fake NOC had an outstanding loan against it from IDFC Bank without settlement. In fact, a few days after purchasing the vehicle, the complainant, a resident of Raipur, recovered the Activa vehicle by another agency of IDFC Bank, saying that Rs 55,000 bank loan is still outstanding on it.

It remains a matter of investigation if there was any involvement of the officials from the IDFC bank and the RTO office or not as such an illegal activity had been carried out for past one and half years without any problem. According to the Police, in such serious crimes, the bank concerned and the RTO along with the operator of Trishakti Services Recovery Agency have also been put under investigation. It is also a matter of investigation that so far no other complaint hads been received in respect of over 80 such two wheelers already sold by the accused in the past one and half years.