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“Lockdown crucial for students & parents”



DEHRADUN, 11 May: Due to the countrywide lock down, all schools, sports and most of the business activities are closed. Families are at home and most of the time there is nothing to do. Some students are pursuing online studies that too for a limited time. In this situation, there is lots of time available with parents and children, which is being killed by over sleeping, wasting time on the phone and useless internet browsing by the majority of the people. Another effect of lock down – people are overeating and putting on weight in the absence of physical and outdoor activities. Besides wastage of valuable time, these factors contribute to laziness and lack of interest in studies, having long term repercussion on the studies, health and future of the students and parents as well.
Child counselor Ravi Singh Negi suggests parents and students adopt discipline in their day to day routine. Parents should teach children the importance of time and health in building their future. It is the duty of parents to channelise physical energy and mental capability of the child in a positive and constructive direction. Children should be motivated to take on some creative activity. They can learn some language online, cultivate some hobby, etc. They should also do some indoor physical exercises regularly. This is also the time when parents can observe and monitor their children closely, in case they find some abnormality, for which a counselor may be consulted on line.